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March 31, 2011

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1- Dimensions Research & Marketing Consultants [Sharjah UAE ]
1view [London-Outer UK ]
2ii - Inform tica & InformaOao Lda [Lisbon Portugal ]


A&C Analistas de Empresas y [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
SRG/ A&S MRS,Inc. [Tokyo Japan ]
A.I.D. Analyse Informatique Des Donnees [Paris France ]
Aaspen Transcription [Toronto Canada ]
ABACO Marketing Research & Consulting [Sao Paulo BRAZIL ]
Abacus (Pvt.) Limited [Lahore Pakistan ]
Abbott Research & Consulting [Toronto Canada ]
ABMR fieldwork China [Guangzhou China ]
AccŠs Market Research [Montreal Canada ]
Accurate Market Research [Mexico City Mexico ]
ACNielsen CBPA [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
ACNielsen Indonesia [Jakarta Indonesia ]
ACT Marketing Research and Consulting [Tbilisi Georgia ]
Acumen Fieldwork [Manchester UK ]
Ad Hoc Market Research [Budapest Hungary ]
Ad Hoc Research [Montreal Canada ]
Adkins Research Group [Birmingham UK ]
Advanced Market Research Group [Mumbai INDIA ]
Advanced Market Research Group [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Advanis [Edmonton Canada ]
The Advisory Group, Inc. [Calgary Canada ]
Advisory, Research & Consultancy - GRUPO MC [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Aerixon Research & Communications [Saskatoon Canada ]
AG3 Consulting [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
AGSIL Consult [Lagos Nigeria ]
AIRA Azerbaijan Information-Research Agency [Baku Azerbaijan ]
Aksa [Istanbul Turkey ]
Al Fajer Information & Services Co. [Sharjah UAE ]
ALEF-Millward Brown S.A. [Madrid Spain ]
Alef-Millward Brown S.A. - Portugal [Lisbon Portugal ]
Alpha Marketing Research [Brussels Belgium ]
Alpha Marketing Research Belgium [Ghent Belgium ]
Alpha Research Consultants A/S [Copenhagen Denmark ]
Altitude Groupe Conseil [Montreal Canada ]
Amber - China Industry Insights [Shanghai China ]
AMR Advanced Market Research [Dusseldorf Germany ]
AMR Interactive [Sydney Australia ]
AMRI-Iran [Tehran Iran ]
Analyseize Research [Amman Jordan ]
Analytics-Russia [Moscow Russia ]
Anerca International Inc./ Ellen Karp Research [Toronto Canada ]
Antar Market Research Nagpur [Nagpur India ]
Antar Marketing And Research Services [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Antenna [Mexico City Mexico ]
AP Marketing Services [Cayman Islands Cayman Islands ]
AP Research Viewing Studios [Guangzhou China ]
AP Research Viewing Studios [Hong Kong China ]
ASA Marketing [Montreal Canada ]
ASAP Translation Team [Hong Kong China ]
Asde Survey Sampler [Montreal Canada ]
ASECOM Latin America [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
ASECOM Latin America [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
ASECOM S.A. Marketing Research Consulting [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Asia Market Intelligence Ltd. [Hong Kong China ]
Asian Strategies - Singapore [Singapore Singapore ]
Asian Strategies Australia [Sydney Australia ]
ASI-Intech Research Inc. [Tokyo Japan ]
ASKI France sarl [Paris France ]
ASKi International Market Research GmbH [Hamburg Germany ]
Aspect Studio [London-Outer UK ]
Atento Services [Managua Nicaragua ]
Atieh Bahar Consulting [Tehran Iran ]
Audience Studies Inc Aust. Pty Ltd [Sydney Australia ]
Audio Scribe [Christchurch New Zealand ]
Audits & Surveys Asia Pacific [Manila Philippines ]
Audits & Surveys Canada [Toronto Canada ]
Audits & Surveys Latin America [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Audits & Surveys Latinamerica,IPSA [Buenos Aires Argentina ]


B2B International - China [Beijing China ]
B2B International Ltd [Manchester UK ]
Bain Research Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
Baltic Surveys, Ltd. [Vilnius Lithuania ]
Bazaar Negar Market Research Consultants [Tehran Iran ]
Bazis IG [Ekaterinburg Russia ]
Beaufort Research Ltd. [Cardiff Wales ]
Belisle Marketing Limitee [Ottawa Canada ]
Belize Institute of Management [Belize City Belize ]
Bestlink2biz (Netherlands) [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
SRG/ Brain-MBL International (Korea) [Seoul Korea ]
Brand Driver International [London - Inner UK ]
Brand Keys Limited [London - Inner UK ]
Brand Storm Marketing Research [Tel Aviv Israel ]
BrandDriver [London - Inner UK ]
BrandStrat [Bogata Colombia ]
Breedon Research, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
BroadReach [Toronto Canada ]
BSM- Badania Spoleczne i Marketingowe [Warsaw Poland ]
Bureau Bilingue [Montreal Canada ]
Business Research Centre [Aukland New Zealand ]


C.S.U. Market Field Services, Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
CallTec AG [Lucerne Switzerland ]
Cambridge Consulting Corporation [Cairo Egypt ]
Cambridge Consulting Corporation [Dhaka Bangladesh ]
Canada Market Research, Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
Canadian Facts [Toronto Canada ]
Canadian Facts [Vancouver Canada ]
Canadian Viewpoint Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Carnelley Rangecroft Consultancy [Sandton, 2146 South Africa ]
[London - Outer UK ]
Catherine Fournier, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
CATI Telephone Surveys [Melbourne Australia ]
CBC Marketing Research [Shanghai China ]
CBC Marketing Research [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
CBC Marketing Research [Hong Kong China ]
CBC Marketing Research [Bern Switzerland ]
CBC Marketing Research [Tokyo Japan ]
CBC Marketing Research [Guangzhou China ]
CEDATOS - Gallup International Ecuador [Quito Ecuador ]
Censydiam Antwerp [Antwerp Belgium ]
Censydiam Field Factory [Antwerp Belgium ]
Censydiam for Kids [Ghent Belgium ]
Censydiam Frankfurt [Neu-Isenburg Germany ]
Censydiam Holland [Almere Netherlands ]
Taylor Censydiam Paris [Boulogne France ]
Centre for Innovative research solutions [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Centre for Marketing Excellence [Barbados Barbados ]
Centro Nacional De Consultoria [Bogota Columbia ]
Ceresana [Munich Germany ]
CES USA Inc (India) [Office in the United States A ]
CESSI - Institute for Comparative Social Research Ltd. [Moscow Russia ]
CF Group Inc., an NFO Worldwide Company [Toronto Canada ]
CfMC's Global Partner: NIPO [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
Chant Link & Associates Pty., Ltd. [Melbourne Australia ]
Chapter Three Mkt Resh Svcs Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
China Market Research Group [Shanghai China ]
China Market Research Group [Shanghai China ]
CID/Gallup, S.A. [San Jose Costa Rica ]
CID/Gallup,S.A. [Tegucigalpa Honduras ]
Cimaresearch Bolivia S.A. [Bolivia Bolivia ]
CIP Marketing Research-China [Shanghai China ]
Circle Research [London - Inner UK ]
City Focus Research [London - Inner UK ]
The City Group Rooms [Sydney Australia ]
CLAIM/Louis Harris [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Claros Research [Calgary Canada ]
Clayton Reed Associates [London - Inner UK ]
CNP Brasil [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Cogem Research, Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Cogem Research, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Coherence Marketing [Paris France ]
Coming Age Communication Co., Ltd. [Shanghai China ]
Compas Rom [Arnheim Netherlands ]
Compusense Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Concepto Total [Monterrey Mexico ]
Conred Marketing Services GmbH [Hamburg Germany ]
Construction Data Research Services [Paris France ]
Consulting Center [Riyadh Saudi Arabia ]
Consumer Behaviour Research Ltd. [Tokyo Japan ]
Consumer Insights Ukraine [Kiev Ukraine ]
Consumer Probe RI [Singapore Singapore ]
Consumer Profile Limited [London - Outer UK ]
Consumer Research Centre [Vancouver Canada ]
Consumer Research China Ltd. [Beijing China ]
Consumer Research China Ltd. - 2 [Shanghai China ]
Consumer Research China Ltd.- 1 [Shanghai China ]
Consumer Vision [Toronto Canada ]
Contract Testing Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Copernicus: The Marketing Investment Strategy Group [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Corp Scan Group [New Delhi India ]
Criterion Research Corporation [Toronto Canada ]
Paul Crocker & Associates [Nova Scotia Canada ]
Cureco Finland Oy [Helsinki Finland ]
Customer Champions Limited [Birmingham UK ]
Customer input Ltd [Hong Kong China ]


Eduardo D'Alessio & Asociados S.A. [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Datamatics Global Services Limited. [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Dataplus Solutions [Birmingham UK ]
De La Riva Investigaci¢n Estrat‚gica [Guatemala Guatemala ]
Decima Research nc. [Toronto Canada ]
Decision Surveys International (Pty.), Ltd. [Cape Town South Africa ]
Decision Surveys International (Pty.), Ltd. [Durban South Africa ]
DeeWP and Audiosec [London - Outer UK ]
DEKA Marketing Research [Jakarta Indonesia ]
Delphi Research Services Private Limited [Bangladore India ]
Demoscope (Institut Francais de) [Paris France ]
Demoskopea S.p.A [Rome Italy ]
Dexterity Business Analysts [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Diagnostic Research International [Paris France ]
Diagnostic Research U.K. Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
DigitScribe [Toronto Canada ]
Digitus Oy [Helsinki Finland ]
Dimark Research [Winnipeg Canada ]
Dimensions Research & Marketing Consultancy [Sharjah UAE ]
Directions Marketing Research & Services Ltd. [Cairo Egypt ]
Divas Economic & Market Analysis Group - INDIA [New Delhi India ]
Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research Germany [Hamburg Germany ]
D'Well Informatics & Services Pvt. Ltd [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]


Earthslink Communications [London - Outer UK ]
EastPage Co., Ltd. [Beijing China ]
EFG Inc. (European Fieldwork Group) [Office in the United States A ]
Eksen Middle East [Istanbul Turkey ]
Ellison Qualitative Research Ltd. [Leeds UK ]
EMR - PYD Continental, S.A. [San Jose Costa Rica ]
EMRA [Paris France ]
Catherine Enterprise Canada Research [Toronto Canada ]
Envirosell Inc. [Milan Italy ]
EPI Grupo [Mexico City Mexico ]
Epi Marketing [Mexico City Mexico ]
Epitome Data Kft [Budapest Hungary ]
Equations Research & Strategic Consultants P.Ltd. [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Equus Consulting Group Inc. [Edmonton Canada ]
Erwin Karl & Partners, Industrial Marketing Research [Munich Germany ]
Esmefar - Estime Marketing Research Venezuela [Caracas Venezuela ]
Estudios Psico-Industriales, S.A. [Mexico City Mexico ]
ETHOS Consultores [Cordoba Argentina ]
European Interview Services [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
European Management Group [London - Outer UK ]
European Marketing Logistics BV [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
European Telephone Research Center [London - Inner UK ]
Euroquest MRB [London - Inner UK ]
Euroresearch Group [London - Inner UK ]
Euroview Research [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
Everture International Research [Berlin Germany ]
Evolutions Research Solutions (Pty) Ltd. [Johannesburg South Africa ]
Explorium International Research [Berlin Germany ]


F&G Dr. Fessel & GfK [Vienna Austria ]
F. Wiesebron Associates [Paris France ]
F.R. Global [London - Inner UK ]
Facts & Factors Marketing Research Co., Ltd. [Shanghai China ]
Facts International, Ltd. [London - Outer UK ]
FIELD FACTS - FRANCE [Paris France ]
FIELD FACTS - GERMANY [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Field Facts International [London - Inner UK ]
FieldForce - Independent fieldwork office [Ghent Belgium ]
FieldForce - Independent fieldwork office [Antwerp Belgium ]
FieldFrance [Lyon France ]
Fieldhouse Associates [Rotterdam Netherlands ]
Fieldwork International [London - Outer UK ]
Financial Times Research [London - Inner UK ]
Fine Research - Latin American Fieldwork [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Fine Research - The LatAm Field Company [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Fine Research Uruguay [Montevideo Uruguay ]
Firestar Research [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
FirstMark Technologies, Ltd. [Ottawa Canada ]
Flow Consultants Pvt Ltd. [Kolkata (Calcutta) India ]
Flying Sources [Melbourne Australia ]
Focus Force London [London - Inner UK ]
Focus Group China [Shanghai China ]
Focus Marketing S.C. [Mexico City Mexico ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [Bangladore India ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [New Delhi India ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [Kolkata (Calcutta) India ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Focus Suites Solutions and Services Pvt Ltd [Chennai (Formally Madras) India ]
Focus World International, Europe [Paris France ]
Focus4people ltd [London - Inner UK ]
Footprints Market Research [Brisbane Australia ]
Force Research [Beijing China ]
Fournier, I:nc. [Toronto Canada ]
Frank Lynn & Associates, Inc. [London - Inner UK ]
Freelance Qualitative Researcher [Ottawa Canada ]
French Transcription Services [Quebec Canada ]
FR-Global [London - Outer UK ]
F-Squared Market Research -- Poland [Warsaw Poland ]


G.L.A. International Marketing and Research Consultancy [Tokyo Japan ]
Gallup France [Paris France ]
Gallup Mexico, S.A. DE C.V. [Mexico City Mexico ]
Gatard & Associates [Paris France ]
Gaucho Consulting [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Gerlirtz Consumer Insights [Krefeld Germany ]
GfK Bulgaria [Sofia Bulgaria ]
GfK Custom Research Worldwide [Brussels Belgium ]
Gfk Danmark/Observa [Copenhagen Denmark ]
Gfk France [Paris France ]
Gfk Market Research [London - Inner UK ]
Gfk Marktforschung GmbH [Nurnberg Germany ]
GfK Polonia [Warsaw Poland ]
GFK-DP Market Research S.A. [Barcelona Spain ]
GIRAL/Geneva International Research Associates Ltd [Geneva Switzerland ]
Global Intelligence Alliance [Helsinki Finland ]
Global Market Research [Hong Kong China ]
Global Market Research [Brussels Belgium ]
Global Market Research [Athens Greece ]
Global Market Research [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Global Market Research [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Global Market Research [Bucharest Romania ]
Simon Global Market Research [London - Inner UK ]
Global Market Research [Stockholm Sweden ]
Global Market Research [Leiden Netherlands ]
Global Market Research [Milan Italy ]
GMI (HK) Ltd. [Hong Kong China ]
Godfrey Associates (S.G.A.) [London - Inner UK ]
Goldfarb Consultants [Hamburg Germany ]
F. Goldfarb Consultants [Toronto Canada ]
Goldfarb Consultants Brasil Ltda. [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Goldfarb Consultants France [Paris France ]
Goldfarb Consultants Mexico [Mexico City Mexico ]
Goldfarb Marketing Research S.r.l. [Milan Italy ]
Good All [Birmingham UK ]
Goodthinking Research Inc. [Manila Philippines ]
GravityWave Market Research Inc [Calgary Canada ]
The Greenbaum & Associates [Toronto Canada ]
Group Dynamics [Toronto Canada ]
Martin Group M International [London - Inner UK ]
Groupe Innova Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Guideliness Consulting, Ltd. [Vancouver Canada ]
Gulf Business Aids Pvt. Ltd. [Sharjah UAE ]


Haliscape Business Solutions [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Hartmut Keller Marktforschung [Hamburg Germany ]
The Hazelton Group [Toronto Canada ]
Heintzman Research Limited [Toronto Canada ]
Heraclito Informacion Inteligente [Santiago Chile ]
Hokkiado Research Center, Inc. [Sapporo Japan ]
Hope Research Trinadad Ltd[Trinidad and Tobago]
Horawa & Asociados [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
The Human Network [Sydney Australia ]


ICARE [Paris France ]
ID Consultores [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
IDSI [Paris France ]
IFOP - ASECOM Latin America [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
IFOP/CMR Canada Market Research [Toronto Canada ]
IMF Qualitative Research [Paris France ]
IMPACT Market Research Consulting [Tel Aviv Israel ]
Impetus Research Pvt Ltd. [New Delhi India ]
IMS Lts (Intelligent Marketing Solutions) [Leeds UK ]
Incepta Marketing Intelligence [London - Inner UK ]
InCite Research & Marketing Solutions [Dubai UAE ]
InDepth Marketing Research & Consultancy [Rome Italy ]
Indian Market Research Bureau [Madrid Spain ]
Indian Market Research Bureau (MRB) [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
INET International Inc [Toronto Canada ]
Infield Research Services [Nairobi Kenya ]
Infield Research Services [Kampala Uganda ]
Info Americas [Mexico City Mexico ]
Info Americas - Brazil [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Info Wave Research Company [St. Peterburg Russia ]
Infocus Qualitative Research Services [Toronto Canada ]
Infoplan [Tokyo Japan ]
Information Tools Ltd. [Aukland New Zealand ]
Infras, Inc [Montreal Canada ]
Infratest Burke AG [Munich Germany ]
Innerquest [Mexico City Mexico ]
Innovative Research Services India Pvt Ltd [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Insight Institute AG [Zurich Switzerland ]
Insights, Inc. [London Canada ]
In-Spiration [Toronto Canada ]
Inst. Peruano de Analisis [Lima Peru ]
Institut Fur Marktund Sozialforschu? [Lucerne Switzerland ]
Instituto Emer S.L. [Valencia Spain ]
Intage, Inc. [Tokyo Japan ]
Integrated Identity [London - Inner UK ]
Intellico - Innovate research solutions [Pretoria South Africa ]
Inter/View International [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
Interamerican Research [Bogota Columbia ]
Intercontinental Medical Statistics [Sydney Australia ]
Interdata Market Research [Paris France ]
Interdata Research Institute [Lucerne Switzerland ]
Intermarket Research, Inc. [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Intermarket Research, Inc. [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Intermarket Research, Inc. [London - Inner UK ]
International Interviewing Services [Paris France ]
International Marketing Research Co. Ltd. (IMR) [Tokyo Japan ]
International Research & Offshore Services [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
International Research & Outsourcing Services [UAE UAE ]
Interview Exploration GmbH [Munich Germany ]
Investigaciones Gaither, S.A. [Caracas Venezuela ]
Invision Studios Ltd [Leeds UK ]
IPSA Ecuador [Guayaquil Ecuador ]
IPSA Group Latin America [Guayaquil Ecuador ]
Ipsos [Paris France ]
Ipsos Access Panels [Paris France ]
Ipsos Argentina [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Sue IRB International, Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
IRC Iran - International Research Consultants IRC [Tehran IRAN ]
IriS - International Research Institutes [Adligenswil Switzerland ]
Irish Marketing Surveys Ltd [Dublin Ireland ]
IRM, Inc. [Tokyo Japan ]
ISL Medical Studies [Montreal Canada ]
Ellen ISL, International Surveys Ltd. (Division of NPD) [Toronto Canada ]
Itracks [Saskatoon Canada ]
IVE Research International [Hamburg Germany ]


Jameehnegar Market research Institute (JMR Iran) [Tehran Iran ]
James P. Murphy & Co. [Office in the United States A ]


K K S Business Services [Bangladore india ]
kab holding [Jeddah Saudi Arabia ]
Kadence (UK) Ltd [London - Outer UK ]
Kadence Research India [New Delhi India ]
kae: marketing intelligence [London- Inner UK ]
Kaleidoscope Studios [Madrid Spain ]
Kang's & Associates, Inc. [Seoul Korea ]
Kinsoul Consultant Corp. [Shanghai China ]
Kline & Company, Incorporated [Tokyo Japan ]
Kline Societe Anonyme [Brussels Belgium ]
KMS Group [Mumbai (Bombay) india ]
Kolbeco Research [London - Outer UK ]
Konzept Institut fuer Marktdaten [Cologne Germany ]
Korea Consumer Research [Seoul Korea ]
KPS - Audio Typing and Transcription Services [London UK ]
Kramer Marktforschung GmbH [Muenster Germany ]
Kudos Research [London - Inner UK ]


Lamberts Consulting [Munich Germany ]
Lansdowne Market Research [Dublin Ireland ]
Larc Pesquisa de Marketing [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Latin American Markets [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
LB Qualitative Research [Paris France ]
Legendre Lubawin Marketing, Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Leger Marketing [Montreal Canada ] [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
LLH & Associ‚s [Paris FRANCE ]
THE LOOKING GLASS [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
Louvre Focus Group [Paris France ]
LPM Levantamentos e Pesquisas de Marketing [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Lumina Business Solutions Limited [London - Outer UK ]
Lux Research - Japan [Tokyo Japan ]


M&D Marketing Consutants SRL [Milan Italy ]
M/A/R/C Canada [Toronto Canada ]
MAI Information East Europe [London - Inner UK ]
Majestic Market Research Support Services [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Majestic MRSS Ltd [Bangladore India ]
Majestic MRSS Ltd [New Delhi India ]
Malawi Export Promotion Council [Blantyre Malawi ]
Management Sciences Group [Sandton, 2146 South Africa ]
MARCOM-CHINA.COM [Guangzhou China ] [Shanghai China ] [Beijing China ] [Hong Kong China ]
Mareseco International Fieldwork [Antwerp Belgium ]
Markelytics Solutions India Pvt Ltd [Bangladore India ]
Markelytics Solutions India Pvt Ltd [New Delhi India ]
Market & Opinions Surveys (Pty) Ltd. [Cape Town South Africa ]
Market Analysis [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Market Behaviour (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
Market Behaviour (Singapore), Pte Ltd. [Singapore Singapore ]
Market Behaviour (Vietnam) Ltd [Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam ]
Market Egypt [Cairo Egypt ]
Market Equity [Perth Australia ]
Market Facts of Canada, Ltd. [Montreal Canada ]
Market Facts of Canada, Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
Market Focus, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Market information and Data Scanning.( PTY) Ltd [Cape Town South Africa ]
Market Information Group [Chennai (Formally Madras) India ]
Market Insight, Inc. [Barbados Barbados ]
Market Intelligence and Data Scanning [Johannesburg South Africa ]
Market Intelligence Research Bureau [New Delhi India ]
Market Probe [New Delhi India ]
Market Probe [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Market Research Asia [Singapore Singapore ]
Market Research Indonesia [Jakarta Indonesia ]
Market Research Thailand [Bangkok Thailand ]
Market Research Vietnam [Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam ]
Market Resonance [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
The Market Science Associates [Toronto Canada ]
Market Trends Nigeria Limited [Lagos Nigeria ]
Market Vision [Dubai UAE ]
Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd [New Delhi India ]
Market Xcel Field Work Services [New Delhi INDIA ]
Marketeers Research [Cairo Egypt ]
Marketing and Research Group Pvt. Ltd. (MARG) [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Marketing Center Co., Ltd. [Tokyo Japan ]
Marketing Information Center [Moscow Russia ]
Marketing Intelligence Services [London - Outer UK ]
Marketing Service Company Ltd. [Tokyo Japan ]
Marketing Strategy Group, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Marketsearch [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Marketsensus [Sydney Australia ]
MarketVisions/Environics West [Calgary Canada ]
Markwald, La Madrid y Asociados [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Marlin Research Limited [London - Outer UK ]
Martec GmbH [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Martvision Marketing Consultancy(GASOS) [Dubai UAE ]
Maskery [Toronto Canada ]
Michelle Massie Qualitative Research [Montreal Canada ]
MBA Research [Toronto Canada ]
MBL China (Shanghai Branch) [Shanghai China ]
MBL China Limited [Hong Kong China ]
MBL Research & Consultancy Group (P) Ltd. [Chennai (Formally Madras) India ]
MCG Market Research [Seoul Korea ]
Media Monitors [London - Inner UK ]
[Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Mercadeo & Opinion S.A. [Manila Philippines ]
Mercosur Research [Montevideo Uruguay ]
Mercosur Research [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Mercosur Research [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Mercury Research [Bucharest Romania ]
Metra Martech Limited [London - Outer UK ]
Metroline Research Group Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Midas Consulting [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Millward Brown - Paris [Paris France ]
Millward Brown - Ulster [Belfast Northern Ireland ]
Mindlens Research [Singapore Singapore ]
MKT-Marketing SRL [Bolivia Bolivia ]
Modern International Marketing Research Ltd. (Guangdong) [Guangzhou China ]
Frank MOI, Inc., Marketing & Strategic Research [Jakarta Indonesia ]
Mora y Araujo & Asociados [Bolivia Bolivia ]
Mora y Araujo & Asociados [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
MORI International (Market & Opinion Research Internatio [London - Inner UK ]
Morpace International Ltd. [London - Outer UK ]
Motivational Research Centre [Sydney Australia ]
MRC Asia [Seoul Korea ]
MRD Marketing Research and Development-Tokyo [Osaka Japan ]
MSA Market Science Associates, Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
MSM/Group M International France [Paris France ]
Taylor MSTS [London - Outer UK ]
F & G Dr. Fess MSW-McCollum Spielman Worldwide [Vienna Austria ]
Multiscripta [Montreal Canada ]
MysteryPanel [Hamburg Germany ]


Nagy Research MEACRO [Cairo Egypt ]
Napoleon Franco & Co. [Bogota Columbia ]
Navarro [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
NEDER Statistics & Creative Research [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
NEO Research Consulting Pvt. Ltd [Delhi, India]
Nexgen Market Research Services Pvt. Ltd [New Delhi INDIA ]
Nielsen Marketing Research [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Nikkei Research Inc., Tokyo Head Office [Tokyo Japan ]
Nikkei Research, Inc., London Office c/o Nikkei Europe L [London - Outer UK ]
Nikkei Research, Inc., Singapore Office [Singapore Singapore ]
NODO [Mexico City Mexico ]
NOP Research Group [London - Outer UK ]
Nordic Research Group [Vancouver Canada ]
Nordic Research Group - CATI facility [Calgary Canada ]
Norges Markedsdata A/S [Oslo Norway ]
Novaction Marketing Consultants World Headoffice [Paris France ]
NPD Group Canada [Toronto Canada ]
NPD Group Worldwide [Paris France ]
NPD Intelect Market Tracking [Toronto Canada ]
NSS Marktonderzoek BV [The Hague Netherlands ]


O&L Consultancy Services Pte Ltd [Singapore Singapore ]
E. M. Oelrichs Consulting Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
Frank OmniTrak Marketing Corporation of Asia [Hong Kong China ]
E.M. O'Neil & Associates Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
On-Line Telephone Surveys, Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
OnSurvey Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Opinion & Market Research Company [Bangladore India ]
Opinion Market Research [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Opinion Research Taiwan [Taipei Taiwan ]
Opinion Search Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Opinion Search Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Opinion Search Inc. [Ottawa Canada ]
Opinion Source [Toronto Canada ]
OpinionConsult [Toronto Canada ]
Opinions To Go [Toronto Canada ]
Optima Research [Ottawa Canada ]
Opus moderandi [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Oracle Market Research (Beijing) [Beijing China ]
Oraclepoll Research Limited [Toronto Canada ]
ORC International [Hong Kong China ]
ORC International [Mexico City Mexico ]
ORC International [London - Inner UK ]
ORC International [Manchester UK ]
ORC Macro [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
ORC Macro [Arcadia South Africa ]
ORG-MARG Research Limited [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Ormax Communications Pvt. Ltd. [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]


The Palmerston Group [Toronto Canada ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Amman Jordan ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Muscat Oman ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Cairo Egypt ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Kuwait City Kuwait ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Beirut Lebanon ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Jeddah Saudi Arabia ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Dubai UAE ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Doha Qatar ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Manama Bahrain ]
Pan Arab Research Center [Riyadh Saudi Arabia ]
Panoptika Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Paramarq [London - Inner UK ]
PEARSON S.A. DE C.V. [Mexico City Mexico ]
Pegasus Business and Market Advisory Sdn Bhd [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
Penguin Transcription [London - Outer UK ]
Pentor Ri Warsaw, Poland [London - Inner UK ]
Perception Research Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Perfil Latam Research [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Perspectiva ltda [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Perspective Market Research [London - Inner UK ]
PFI Research, Inc. Vancouver [Vancouver Canada ]
Pharos Institute of Market Research [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Planned Business Development [London - Inner UK ]
PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Point Virgule [Bordeaux France ]
PORI-Public Opinion Research of Israel, Ltd. [Tel Aviv Israel ]
Proactive Solutions [New Delhi INDIA ]
Probe and Search [New Delhi India ]
ProGAMMA [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence Ltd [Athens Greece ]
PSI Proactive Strategic Intelligence Ltd [Nicosia Cyprus ]
Psimarket Limitada [Santiago Chile ]
PSRC RI [Manila Philippines ]
Psyma China Business Research [Shanghai China ]
Psyma Latina [Mexico City MEXICO ]
PT focus suites [Jakarta Indonesia ]
Pulse Market Research [Nicosia Cyprus ]
Pulseware Pty Ltd [Sydney Australia ]
Pulso Mercadol>gico [Mexico City Mexico ]
Puzzle [Paris France ]


QMark Research & Polling - Guam [Guam Guam ]
QQFS [Gothenburg Sweden ]
QRI [Rome Italy ]
QRS Market Research Ltd. [London - Outer UK ]
Qualitative Coordination Ltd [Calgary Canada ]
Qualitative Research Associates, Inc. [Vancouver Canada ]
Qualitative Solutions, Inc. [Mexico City Mexico ]
Quality Eye [London-Inner UK ]
The Quantime, Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
Quest Consulting FZ LLC [Dubai UAE ]
Questions & Answers [Mexico City Mexico ]


R.S Market Research Solutions Pvt Ltd [New Delhi INDIA ]
Rahbar Group [Tehran Iran ]
Realites Canadiennes [Montreal Canada ]
Redaresearch & Public Relations Co. [Cairo Egypt ]
Reiman O'Donnell [London - Inner UK ]
Research & Analysis Group [Dubai UAE ]
The Research Business International [London - Outer UK ]
research centre Docent [Kiev Ukraine ]
Research Consultancy Ltd. [Southhampton UK ]
The Research Department, Inc. (RDI) [Nova Scotia Canada ]
The Research Engine [London - Outer UK ]
Research Europe, LTD. [London - Inner UK ]
Research Fountain Limited [Lagos Nigeria ]
The Research House [London - Outer UK ]
Research House Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
Research House, Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Research International [Bangkok Thailand ]
Research International [Vienna Austria ]
Research International [London - Inner UK ]
Research International (Group Office) [London - Inner UK ]
Research International Argentina [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Frank Research International Asia [Singapore Singapore ]
Research International Canada [Toronto Canada ]
Research International de Mexico [Mexico City Mexico ]
Research International Finland [Helsinki Finland ]
Research International Italia [Milan Italy ]
Research International Nigeria [Lagos Nigeria ]
Research International Sweden [Stockholm Sweden ]
Frank Research International Thailand [Bangkok Thailand ]
Research International-Brasil [Sao Paulo Brazil ]
Research Now / Open Venue [Toronto Canada ]
Research Solutions [Aukland New Zealand ]
Research Support & Marketing [London - Inner UK ]
research systems corporation (Italy) [Milan Italy ]
research systems corporation (Netherlands) [Amsterdam Netherlands ]
David research systems corporation (UK) Limited [Manchester UK ]
Researchlink Sdb Bhd [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
Resource (Marketing Research) Ltd [London - Outer UK ]
Reveal Market Research Inc. [Vancouver Canada ]
RI World Service [London - Inner UK ]
The RML Research, Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
RNB Research [New Delhi India ]
Robert and Partners S.A. [Morges Switzerland ]
Ronin Focus [London - Outer UK ]
Roper Starch Worldwide Inc. [London - Outer UK ]
Roper Starch Worldwide Inc. [Hong Kong China ]
RPRG Market Research [Moscow Russia ]
rsc The Quality Measurement ;Company - Mexico [Mexico City Mexico ]
RSL-Research Services Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
Rumbos Translations Services [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Gordon Russell Marketing Research, Inc. [London - Outer UK ]


Sabam Malau & Associates [Medan Indonesia ]
Sail [New Delhi India ]
Scandinfo AB [Gothenburg Sweden ]
Seema Business Solutions [Manama Bahrain ]
Frank SEMCO International [Seoul Korea ]
Serco Usability Services [London-Outer UK ]
SES Research [Ottawa Canada ]
Shanghai Market Solutions Co.Ltd. [Shanghai China ]
Shendu Asian Research Associates [Shanghai China ]
SIAR Social and Marketing Research Center [Baku Azerbaijan ]
Silver Fern Research International [London - Outer UK ]
NEW SIMER S.A. [San Jose Costa Rico ]
Simmons Research Group [London - Inner UK ]
Sinetica International [Rome Italy ]
Sinoforce Research Strategy Limited [Beijing China ]
Sino-Market Research Ltd. [Beijing China ]
Sixth Line Solutions [Vancouver Canada ]
Small & Associates (PHL) Inc. [Manila Philippines ]
Small & Associates Limited [Seoul Korea ]
Small & Associates Pty. Ltd. [Hong Kong China ]
Small & Associates Pty. Ltd. [Bangkok Thailand ]
SMAR International (Private) Limited [Karachi Pakistan ]
Smart Consulting & Research [Riyadh Saudi Arabia ]
Social Surveys (Gallup Poll), Ltd. [London - Inner UK ]
Socis MR Russia [Moscow Russia ]
SolutionInfo [Montreal Canada ]
Southern Manpower IT Consultants [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Spire Indonesia, PT [Jakarta Indonesia ]
Spire Research and Consulting Pte Ltd [Singapore Singapore ]
SPSS MR [Mexico City Mexico ]
SPSS MR, Europe, Middle East & Africa [London - Inner UK ]
SPSS MR, Pacific Rim, Level 9 [Sydney Australia ]
Squires, Schalin, & Co. AAB [Stockholm Sweden ]
SRG Australia [Sydney Australia ]
Starmass International [Beijing China ]
Steiner [Bamberg Germany ]
SuperDatos (tm) de Argentina [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
SuperDatos de Mexico [Mexico City Mexico ]
Support Studios Frankfurt GmbH [Frankfurt Am Main Germany ]
Suvi Inc Research and Management Consultants [New Delhi India ]
Sylvestre Marketing, Inc. [Montreal Canada ]
Synovate [Sofia Bulgaria ]
Synovate [Madrid Spain ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Algeria Algeria ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Prague Czech Republic ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Cairo Egypt ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Athens Greece ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Budapest Hungary ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Tehran Iran ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Kuwait City Kuwait ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Casablanca Morocco ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Warsaw Poland ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Bucharest Romania ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Jeddah Saudi Arabia ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Bratislava Slovak Republic ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Sharjah UAE ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Kiev Ukraine ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Yemen Yemen ]
Synovate (formerly MEMRB) [Muscat Oman ]
Synovate Business Consulting [Singapore Singapore ]
syscob [Melbourne Australia ]


Take Note Ltd [London - Inner UK ]
targetgroups [London - Inner UK ]
Taylor Nelson Sofres [Taipei Taiwan ]
Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (Head Office) [London - Inner UK ]
Teamwork Solutions [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Technomar-Dresden [Dresden Germany ]
Telepoll Canada Inc [Toronto Canada ]
TerraNova Market Strategies Inc. [Toronto Canada ]
T-factory Trendagentur [Vienna Austria ]
The Corporate Profiles [New Delhi India ]
The Masons [Zambia Zambia ]
Think Positive Research S.L. [Valencia Spain ]
Thompson Lightstone & Company [Toronto Canada ]
Tibia Marketing [Dubai United Arab Emirates ]
TMA Trading Group [Riyadh Saudi Arabia ]
Top N Top Marketing Research [Seoul Korea ]
Total Argentina Strategic [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Total Research Europe [London - Inner UK ]
TOTUM RESEARCH [Toronto Canada ]
TOULOUSE FOCUS [Toulouse France ]
TPR Europe [Muenster Germany ]
Gillian Trevor Collier & Co., Ltd. [Toronto Canada ]
Type-Write [Johannesburg South Africa ]
Typing Solutions [London-Outer UK ]


Ugam Research Solutions [London UK ]
UK Fieldwork Services Ltd [London - Outer UK ]
Unique Research And Information Pvt. Ltd. [New Delhi India ]
Unisono Research [Beijing China ]
The Unitedinfo Worldwide Corp. [Shanghai China ]
Universal Market Research Services [Mumbai (Bombay) India ]
Untiedt Research [Dortmund Germany ]
Untiedt Research GmbH [Essen Germany ]


VECCO [Sofia Bulgaria ]
Vedas 17 Comunicação e marketing ltda
View Finders Research [Toronto Canada ]
Viewpoint [London - Outer UK ]
Viewpoint Research & Consulting Co., Ltd. [Taipei Taiwan ]
Viewpoint Studios [London - Outer UK ]
Viewpoints Research Limited [Winnipeg Canada ]
Vimay Group Management Consulting Firm [Buenos Aires Argentina ]
Viteos Technologies Limited [Bangladore India ]
Vladimir Fetsenko Analytic Group [Moscow Russia ]


W-Adviser [Casablanca Morocco ]
Marketing Intelligence [Dublin Irerland ]
Western Opinion Research Inc. [Winnipeg Canada ]
White Hat Research Sdn Bhd [Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ]
Why? [Mexico City Mexico ]
WisdomAsia Marketing & Research Consulting [Shanghai China ]
WisdomAsia Marketing & Research Consulting Pte Ltd [Singapore Singapore ]
WJS Typing Services [London-Outer UK ]
Wordsmith International [Toronto Canada ]
WorldSearch Network [Rome Italy ]
WYOMING STUDIOS [London - Inner UK ]